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Welcome to Just Believe Fitness

Hi, I’m Corrie MacAllister. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Insanity Live Instructor and Top Fitness Coach. I am the owner and founder of Just Believe Fitness. My goal is to add belief into peoples lives and help them achieve greatness. Most people have an absence in belief and this is what stops them from achieving their dreams or goals. I’m a huge advocate of Belief! If one can believe in oneself anything can be achieved and any dream can become a reality.

I have had great success with my clients and helping people achieve their goals. I provide a very supportive, encouraging, compassionate environment. No more being intimidated at the gym! I always strive to make fitness fun, enjoyable, comfortable and something that you actually look forward to!

I have helped many people from all around the United States and Canada! I recently helped a client of mine Justin Wells lose 164 pounds and win the Beachbody Challenge! He won $100,000 and changed his life not only financially, but through healthy and fitness as well. That is what its all about! I want to help change as many lives as possible through health and fitness! I would love to make another success story out of you!