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Thank God It’s Friday Fight! (TGIFF) Battling Your Subconscious Mind

Thank God Its Friday Fight! Battling Your Subconscious Mind Hey followers! Its Thank God Its Friday Fight day! TGIFF  Do you ever have that voice in your head that tells you that you... Continue Reading

Positive Emotions

It is January and for many the month is plagued with stress and anxiety. The holidays are over and we are left to fall back in place with our everyday... Continue Reading

Get Creative!

We attempt to include fitness as much as possible into our lives but let’s face it, sometimes life can get in the way. Instead of seeing life as holding us... Continue Reading

The Importance of Correct Posture and How to Create It

Many of us do not go through a week without experiencing some sort of ache or pain especially if we are exercising on a regular basis. Although you may think... Continue Reading

Mountain Squats Modification For 22 Minute Hard Corps

Mountain Squats Modification Hey fit family, it’s another 22 Minute Hard Corps modification! Mountain Squats are brutal we all know that. I have even seen some people use improper form and have their knees... Continue Reading

Pull-Up & Chin-Up Replacement In 22 Minute Hard Corps

Pull-Up & Chin-Up Replacement in 22 Minute Hard Corps Hello everyone! Here is another modification for you! Don’t have a pullup bar? Don’t want to put holes in your door frame or... Continue Reading

Arm Balance Row Modification 22 Minute Hard Corps

Arm Balance Row Modification Hey Fit Family! Here is another move out of the new program 22 Minute Hard Corps (Hardcore). The Arm Balance Row is one of the toughest moves along with those... Continue Reading