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Cinnamon For Fat Loss

Cinnamon For Fat Loss There are life hacks out there that can assist in helping you with weight loss. One of those hacks is Cinnamon. You can use Cinnamon for fat loss! Cinnamon... Continue Reading

3 Tips To Keep Your Nutrition On Track

3 Tips To Keep Your Nutrition On Track We all struggle with nutrition and this is the hardest part of a health and fitness routine! Anybody and everybody can work... Continue Reading

Pull-Up & Chin-Up Replacement In 22 Minute Hard Corps

Pull-Up & Chin-Up Replacement in 22 Minute Hard Corps Hello everyone! Here is another modification for you! Don’t have a pullup bar? Don’t want to put holes in your door frame or... Continue Reading

Comparison Of Cize To Other Extreme Fitness Programs!

Hey followers! I’m excited to talk about the new program by Shaun T called Cize. Cize is a dance program that will make you feel like you can dance like... Continue Reading

Coconut Oil Chocolate Bars

Coconut Oil Chocolate Bars   Do you crave chocolate like most people? Do you want a healthy alternative to a candy bar? Make your own healthy all natural Coconut Oil... Continue Reading

Shrimp Stir Fry

Shrimp Stir Fry Try this delicious yet easy to make shrimp stir fry that I make all the time!     Are you looking for a quick and easy dinner... Continue Reading