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3 Essential Oils to Add to Your Fitness Routine

Essential oils have been used in medicine practices for centuries and have been said to have multiple uses when it comes to the healing process within the body. For us,... Continue Reading

The Importance of Correct Posture and How to Create It

Many of us do not go through a week without experiencing some sort of ache or pain especially if we are exercising on a regular basis. Although you may think... Continue Reading

3 M’s For Dealing With Picky Eaters…Kids And Adults

Having picky eaters in your family can put a strain on meal prep and trying to adopt healthier eating habits. “Healthy” food can sometimes get a bad reputation for having... Continue Reading

Staying Germ Free at Home

While many gyms put a large focus on staying sanitary and free of germs, as avid exercisers we sometimes forget to take the same precautions when we exercise at home.... Continue Reading

It’s Back To School Time But Don’t Forget About Your Fitness Goals

The end of summer and beginning of another school year can be a busy, stressful time for parents. Our to-do lists fill up rapidly and it seems that there are... Continue Reading

22 Minute Hard Corps Results & Review

22 Minute Hard Corps Results & Review My 22 Minute Hard Corps journey is now closed. I have completed all 8 weeks of the program minus the Hell Week. In this... Continue Reading

Mountain Squats Modification For 22 Minute Hard Corps

Mountain Squats Modification Hey fit family, it’s another 22 Minute Hard Corps modification! Mountain Squats are brutal we all know that. I have even seen some people use improper form and have their knees... Continue Reading

Pull-Up & Chin-Up Replacement In 22 Minute Hard Corps

Pull-Up & Chin-Up Replacement in 22 Minute Hard Corps Hello everyone! Here is another modification for you! Don’t have a pullup bar? Don’t want to put holes in your door frame or... Continue Reading